1. hey i was just wondering i have an aboriginal friend who means the world to me she brought me out and made me who i am 2day, she practically gave me life and i would like to get a tatoe that means her and reminds me of her in a word or a sentence but it wuld have to mean the world and be very special as she is 2 me or maybe a symbol… i found meeting place and i though that might be good as in meaning she can come to me for help and she knows im there for her im her rock in other words but i dont want it to be offensive to other aboriginals if it means something special to them and they feel like its theres and i shouldnt have it because im white, so i want to do the right thing and get the right tatoe…. i was going to use her name because its short and original it means worior princess her name is zina…

    would you be able to help me?

    thank you for your time and i hope you can understand my writing and what i mean because i find it hard to explaing things haha

  2. Hello Biance. I have thought about your question a good deal. I would do three things. I would a) approach my local aboriginal community and ask for advice and b) speak with my tattooist. They generally are pretty clever with tats that suit. and c) I would ask my friend. Perhaps she will have an idea of something she would appreciate. A friendship as special as this is a good one in which to share decisions.Yrs L.

  3. Hi/

    i’m looking for an aboriginal name/word, with the meaning “family”

    if someone could help me, that would be great


  4. Hey, would anyone know an Aboriginal word for “piece of gold” (preferably, but not necessarily from Western Australian tribes)? Cheers

  5. Hi/

    i’m looking for an aboriginal name/word, with the meaning “family”

    if someone could help me, that would be great


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  8. Hi.. The other day someone said an aboriginal word meaning little princess.. It was a gorgeous word and im having trouble finding a baby girls name as i am expecting soon i thought it would be a great way to honour the father of the babys family as they are aboriginal.. Any leads or help would be gratefully accepted! cheers

  9. Can you tell me the aboriginal meaning for the word MOY – my grandfather built a house on Bribie Island pre-war and named it MOY and I’m sure it would have had some significance long lost in our famiily .

  10. I was wondering, what does the word Jiluka mean? I have looked everywhere to know what it means and have no luck at all.

  11. I’m trying to find a name to give my grand daughter. Both of her parents are Koori, mother from Kurri Kurri area and Father from Coffs Harbour area. She will be the first great grand daughter for both sides. I would be interested in names meaning Princess or Precious etc

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