The letter (30/2108) Authority to select 320 acres of land.

  • 1830 – 1 November : Alex Mcleay Colonial Secretary to Revd Thomas Kendall care of mr Thomas Barker Sussex Street Sydney (30/7572) Possession of land at Narrawallee Creek
  • 1831 – 15 April : Thos Mitchell survey general to Mr Thos Kendall , Union Brewery Sydney. (31/209) Request for 100 acres for Mrs Kendall to be resubmitted
  • 1831 – 21 April : Alex McLeay Colonial Secretary to Revd T Kendall care of Mr T Barker Sydney. (31/805) Thomas Surfleet Kendall’s selection of portionof Thomas Kendall’s leasehold at Narrawallee Creek.
  • 1831 – 21 April : Alex Mcleay Colonial Secretary to Mr T S Kendall, Union Brewery Pitt Street ( 31/804) Description of 320 acres selected at Narrawalle Creek and conditions of tenure
  • See Sydney Herald for Barkers Mill Advertising.
  • See Sydney Herald for Bones and Kendall Advertising.


THOMAS BARKER is now enabled to supply Vessels fitting for long voyages with BISCUIT of a very superior description at the lowest prices with a Liberal Credit.

Steam Engine Flour Warehouse

Darling Harbour April 16 1831



of the Union Brewery , 35 Pitt-street.

continue to supply Public Houses and Private families with


Of the best quality at Moderate Prices.

Sydney April 16th 1831


Sydney Harbour Foreshores Authority.


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