The year of Melinda’s Death

4th JANUARY 1893

Melinda passed away at 17 Allen Street, Ultimo at the age of 85 years . She had then been widowed since Basil died on the Clarence in 1852- 40 years. She was at the home of her daughter, Jane Kendall, who is marked on the death certificate as a MUSIC TEACHER. She was buried in the Church of England Section of Waverley Cemetery. The officiating Minister was Rev Wlm Halse Rogers and the witnesses were John Bennett and R F Thomas. Melinda is recorded as dying from Hemeplegia over a period of 10 days’ illness. Her birth place is noted as Windsor NSW. The discrepancies on the certificate include St James being listed as the church in which she married and the age of marriage being put at 16.

in 1893, two of her 5 children are living – Jane Kendall( 49) and Emily Evans(43). Two males and one female are recorded as being deceased. Elsewhere the birth of a stillborn child in 1836 has been noted.


Early Photographer of ROMA, QLD and SYDNEY, NSW was relocating from the Corso at Manly to Newtown

  • JOHN MAKIN the notorious baby farmer was hanged later in 1893
  • Francis William Lauderdale Adams (27 September 1862 – 4 September 1893) was an essayist, poet, dramatist, novelist and journalist whose life ended in 1893 by suicide.

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