The year of Melinda’s Marriage to Basil Kendall.

at the Second Scots Church , Sydney. Rev John McGarvie officiating.

  • A one year old boy by the name of William Charles Windeyer arrived in Sydney with his family from England.  He was to become one of the first graduates of Sydney University and in the 1890s he would become Chancellor. 1835 the British Government decided that it was necessary to build a Government House in Sydney and construction began in 1837, around about the time Melinda and Basil moved to the Illawarra where Basil  is said to have taken up farming on a property known as Kirmington at Ulladulla. This was Kendall family land. Government House was built between 1837-1845, a period spanning the births of Melinda and Basil’s first 4 children – Basil E , Henry, Jane, and Mary Josephine ( Joey) .
  • Trials were being held of Aboriginal Men and sentences often involved transportation as in the case of Lego’me and Little Dick.

R. v. Lego’me

             Supreme Court of New South Wales

Forbes C.J., 12 February 1835

Source: Sydney Herald, 16 February 1835


Thursday. – Before His Honor the Chief Justice.Lego’me, an aboriginal native, stood indicted for a highway robbery, and putting in bodily fear Patrick Sheridan, at Brisbane Water, on the 18th January last.

  •  In this year the second ever execution of an Australian Aboriginal was carried out – the crime being rape.

Execution, 27 February 1835

Source: Australian, 6 March 1835

On Friday morning last Mickey Mickey, the aboriginal native, who was convicted and sentenced for a rape upon the female servant of Mr. Lynch, at Brisbane Water, underwent the sentence of the law at the gaol in Sydney.  This is only the second instance of the execution of an aboriginal native,

  • Elizabeth Bay House is one of the few open for public access Sydney estates of historical and cultural significance. Built between 1835 and 1839 for then Colonial Secretary of NSW and prominent naturalist Alexander Macleay and his family.


Charles Fisher Shepherd examined.  I am superintendent of the establishment of Mr. J. Catteral, at Long Flats, Menaroo Plains; I remember the night of the 14th December; I recollect the night on which the bushrangers paid a visit to the establishment; I was lying asleep in my tent, which for the benefit of the cool air, it being very warm weather, I had erected a short distance from the hut where I usually slept; read on at

  • An Inter-colonial emigration scheme was in place between Launceston- Sydney . Check GenSeek. for other inter-colonial migrations of 1835.
  • THE DARLINGHURST COURTHOUSE WAS BUILT and is still in use today.
  • IN CASTLEREAGH ST-SOUTH, along from where Melinda had spent her girlhood in the household of the Rev Richard Hill , a neat and compact 2 storied dwelling was for sale. With an entrance from Campbell Street. It had a cellar and servants’ rooms  and a well of the best water. It was suitable for investment or for the residence of a genteel family. (Commercial Journal. august3 1835)

    Lambard, John Samuel

            Brickfield Hill, George Street, Sydney       NSW.         1834

           West King Street, Sydney                         NSW.         1835-1837

           Sussex Street, Sydney                               NSW.         1838

           2 King Street West, Sydney                      NSW.         1835

           Upper George Street, Sydney                   NSW.         1833







When the First Fleet settlers arrived, the airport site was


marshland, traversed by the Cooks River. As settlement

developed, a series of ponds on the eastern edge of the

site were used to supply the city of Sydney with

freshwater until 1835. Remains of both the original

pumping station and the Engine Pond still exist

In 1835, an aboriginal girl was born in Tasmania. In 2008 the BANGARRA dance company tell her story at SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE.

Young Mary was born on Flinders Island, Tasmania in 1835 to the Chief of the Lowreenne tribe, Towgerer, and his wife Wongerneep. As a young girl, Mary captured the hearts of Governor Sir John and Lady Jane Franklin and was adopted into their household at Government House in Hobart. Mary was renamed Mathinna. Somewhat a charitable project, Mathinna was raised with the Governor’s daughter Eleanor and was described as a ‘very nice, intelligent child’.


  • a 3 bedroomed cottage was built in Sydney. This cottage later became the home of the Anglican Bishops of Sydney. Since 1910 Bishopscourt has been the home of the Archbishop of Sydney and his family.BISHOPSCOURT. 









3 weeks after Melinda married Basil Thomas Shepherd passed on. He was Prop of Darling Point Nursery and the preceding year has given a series of lectures. He encouraged the cultivation of Sydney and there is a stone tablet to his memory at the Scots Church.

Friendship. Wood, two-mast schooner, 89 tons. Built at Pilton, Devon, UK, 1824; reg. Sydney 8/1835. Lbd 58 x 19 x 10.3 ft. Captain John Harrison. On a voyage from Sydney to Tahiti, called at Norfolk island to land stores; wrecked ashore when her recently laid mooring chains parted in a gale, 17 July 1835. All saved. [LI],[LN],[AS1]
A schooner of this name was reported lost in Twofold Bay, 1835, but no official record of the wreck has been traced.

The HUNDRED OF SYDNEY included nine parishes – more than any of the other thirteen HUNDREDS WHICH formed the County of Cumberland.
























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