Created by Volunteers working in the Archives of the City of Sydney.

Includes SANDS and other historical threads connected to the Newtown Area. It includes the Newtown Jubilee Books and rates assessment notices. The Sands Directory.

1863 – Hy Kendall is listed in the Sands in Wellington Street, Newtown in the Knights Building in Wellington Street.

1858-59 – Kendall, Mrs., Hordon-street, Newtown ?

1863 – Kendall, Hy., Knight’s Build., Wellingtn.-st. ?

1864 -Kendall, H., Wellington-street, Kingston

1865- Kendall, Henry, clerk, Silver-st., Marrickville ?

1867 – Kendall, Henry, Enmore rd. ?

1868 – Kendall, Henry, Enmore rd. ?




Zion (Primitive Methodist) Chapel, Newtown rd.



2 thoughts on “NEWTOWN PROJECT”

  1. I live in Newtown, and love it and try to contribute to the community as much I can. I did recently count the ways I loved Newtown on a recent blog 🙂

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