Melinda’s mother is elusive. We have the name JUDITH and several primary sources for JUDITH MCNALLY. Secondary sources tell us she was JUDITH KILFROY MCDERMOTT. Was one of these her maiden name? Was she married previously? KILFROY is as rare as a name as is  being acknowledged as a  a viable 19th century female poet in the 21st Century. More invisible and lost women. WHO WAS THIS WOMAN WHO BORE 2 CHILDREN IN CANADA PRE 1812 TO HER SOLDIER HUSBAND ; WHO RETURNED TO ENGLAND WHEN HE WAS COURT MARTIALLED AND CONVICTED AS A DESERTER AT THE CHAMBLY COURT MARTIAL IN CANADA : SAILED IN CONVOY ON THE BROXBORNEBURY WITH THE SHIP ON WHICH HE WAS TRANSPORTED TO NSW IN 1814 HAVING BORNE A 3RD CHILD ELIZA IN ENGLAND. WHO WAS THIS WOMAN ? HER HUSBAND PATRICK MCNALLY JOINED THE ARMY IN IRELAND AND WAS BORN IN ROSCOMMON. MCDERMOTT IS a common Roscommon Name as is Kilroy and other variants . Was Judith born there? Did she marry there? Was she married to another soldier? Was her family already in Canada or Newfoundland ? There is a lost story here and any threads would be welcome.


At Last – something with some resemblance to the names we are looking for . Its all in Roscommon. Later  than the times we want – and without the supposed F in KilFroy – DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW WHO KILFROY IS ?



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