Mary is the first born child of PATRICK AND JUDITH. Believed to have been born in Ireland or Canada in app 1808 when her father was a soldier in the 100 regiment. It appears that she returned from Canada to England with her mother and brother William following the court martial of the father Patrick McNally on October 31 1812. In England another child was born – Eliza. The three children sailed to NSW on the Broxbornebury with their mother Judith whilst Patrick was transported on the Surrey I – sentenced to Life as a deserter ( we await those papers from Canada).

In 1814 she is on the Muster as living with her family in Sydney. They would have been newly arrived on the Broxbornebury and their father a convicted deserter sentenced to LIFE. Mary then was about 5 years old. By the next year they are at Pitt Town where Melinda was born.

In 1822 she is on the Muster as being with her parents in Windsor and in the 1823-25 Muster is with her family in Kent Street Sydney. The McNallys took up residence in Kent Street Sydney in the 1820s. We know now that Patrick was working as a carter. Melinda was at The Rev Richard Hill as a servant ( and lucky she didn’t have her skirts go up in flames as did many other wee servant lasses according to the Sydney Herald of 1831). Mary is listed in that Muster as being born in the Colony BC which she was not. ( I need another sighting of that Muster before I confirm that one ) She was app 17 then and the daughter of Judith.

By the 1828 census, Mary is resident with James Martin also in Kent Street and listed as HOUSEKEEPER. She is a Catholic girl aged 19.

She is said to have married JAMES MARTIN in 1833 and they had 8 children. Hello all MARTIN descendants. CAN YOU FILL IN SOME OF THE HOLES ?  The Martins then had a property in the Wollongong area adjoining the property of Patrick McNally (Melinda and Mary’s father ) Mary is believed to have died as MARY MARTIN in app 1857 aged 50 years.


  1. V183381 129/1833
    MARTIN , JAMES marries MCNALLY , ELLEN. seems likely to be Mary as the date is 1833 and the marriage takes place in St Marys Roman catholic parish. 
  2. Some of the info supplied by a lady named MAVIS MARCH.
  3. Thanks to Elizabeth Hook for further details.



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