Melinda was born in October 1815 at Pitt Town NSW. Her Father PATRICK MCNALLY was here as a transported convict who had been court martialled for desertion in Canada . In 1808 5 privates of the same regiment ( 100th) were also transported. I have found their records and we are still waiting on details from Canada on Patrick’s court martial. Regardless of the details – it led him to Australia and out to the Hawkesbury . His wife Judith and 3 children Mary, William and Eliza were also in Australia in 1814 and living in Pitt Town by the time of Melinda’s birth.

Also in the year 1815 :

  • MARRIAGE  Reg 1815 C of E Parramatta 1849 v3A or  729 v147B as William Welsh

NSW Marriage Transcription  (Early Church Records)       Ref No -Vol 147b No 729
Register -St Johns Parramatta Church Of England Marriages 1790-1823
Date Of Marriage -30/10/1815
Place Of Marriage -St Johns Parramatta
Married By Banns
Groom -William Welsh
Status -P., Age 34, Ship “Artless”
Occupation –
Usual Residence -Parish of St John Parramatta
Bride -Eleanor Rice
Status -P., Age 28, Ship “Northampton”
Usual Residence -Parish Of St John Parramatta
Witnesses -Luke Grant, Mary Leonard
Minister -Samuel Marsden
Religion -Church Of England

    Charles BLINMAN  – convict arrived 15 April 1815 on `Indefatigable’ and had 5 children to Margaret Day nee Mansfield.  The children married into the Lantry, Meredith and Fry families.  

    William DAVIS married Mary Geer at St Johns Parramatta 17-03-1815

    From 1788 to 1815 the only legal practitioners in New South Wales were two former convicts, George Crossley and Edward Eagan. Both men had been struck off in England but owing to the lack of lawyers in the colony, they were allowed to practice there. In 1814 two London solicitors, Frederick Garling and W.H. Moore were selected to go to Sydney to conduct cases before the NSW courts. They arrived in 1815 and were the first free solicitors admitted to the Supreme Court.

    Frederick Garling  arrived 1815 to Sydney NSW as Crown Solicitor and is the forefather of a large and proud descendancy

    fred garling




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