Patrick McNally was transported for life to NSW and in fact did not receive a pardon till 1843. Robson provides statistics profiling the CONVICT SETTLERS of Australia as he calls them. As regards Patrick whom we now know documentally to have been convicted of DESERTION at Court Martial in Quebec ( at Fort Chambly)  – here are some relevant figures. Patrick and his family were in a minority group even amongst convicts and families as these statistics verify. The implications of this on a young woman of poetic disposition – well – who can tell ? Robson works on a sample of 6,131 men and women from the app 150,000 transported individuals from 1787 – 1852.

Robson states that app 60,900 men were sent to NSW . On a very loose statistical basis for the purposes of this blog and romance – multiply  by 10 -for approximate numbers.

From Robson’s sample of 6.131 individuals : ( With 60,000 being the app number of transported men to NSW )

140 were tried overseas . 2% then were tried overseas.  He doesn’t indicate as to whether or not court martials are included but it seems to be likely because military offences are amongst his sample.
155 were convicted of MILITARY OFFENCES. 2.5 %
194 were defence personnel. 3 %  
1085 were between 25-30 years of age 18 %  
1072 were married 17 %  
2847 were Roman Catholic 19 %  
1389 were Irish 23 %  
15 men were tried overseas in the years 1810-1819 and from 1787-1852 only 140 were tried overseas. 2 %  
1360 of the men had no previous convictions    
37 of the 140 men tried overseas received life    
106 of the 194 defence personnel were tried overseas    
30 of the 140 men tried overseas were between the ages of 25-30    
11 of the 140 men tried overseas were married    
30 of the 140 men tried overseas were roman catholic    
27 of the 140 men tried overseas were born in Ireland    
No men were transported for military offences before 1800.  4 were transported between 1800-09.    
28 OF THE 155 MEN TRANSPORTED FOR military offences  were sentence to LIFE    
91 of the 155 men transported for military offences were tried overseas    
154 of the 155 military offences were connected with defence   the other being a transport matter
33 of the 155 military men were between 25-30    
12 of the 155 military men were married    
3399 of the 6131 sample were sent to NSW   the others being sent to Van Diemens Land
between 1810-19 , 545 out of 662 male convicts were sent to NSW  








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