Over the last few months , we have had cause to contact the Canadian National Library and Archives and to order copies of documents. These documents are from the period 1812-1813. They have been retrieved and copied for us . Extra attention has been paid to achieving as high a quality duplication as possible.

In the first place, a Canadian researcher, Richard LeLievre ,for free found the actual reel nos and file nos having only been provided with the names PATRICK MCNALLY and CHAMBLY COURT MARTIAL and then simply for the photocopying and mailing fee which came to $4.90 US we received app 8 pages being facsimilies of original handwritten documents of 1812. We also were refunded the  difference between the $15 we had sent  and the $4.90 they charged. They also included a free page due to having made a slight error in reel nos.

Now we attempt to acquire MELINDA KENDALLS Intestate papers from our own State Records office and here is the essence of what we have been told: They tell us that they do not operate a copying service for the insolvency files. (This is on top of NSW BDMS who have had money of ours since early 2008 and who no longer copy originals leaving us only with transcriptions which are inaccurate and do not provide the details we need . e.g. on Melinda and Basil’s marriage certificate below – not the lack of signature by Melinda. These details are NOT on transcription) Back to STATE RECORDS – who do not offer copying service. The representative of State Records informs us that Insolvency files contain a lot of financial/accounting records.

We has assumed that that would be the case and indeed hoped it would be. That is in fact one of the things in which we are interested.

The writer of the email then recommends that we use the standard copy order form ( for the service they do not provide?) Here’s the bite in it. The standard copy flat fee is $25.00  That allows for copies to the value of $5.00. The one we seek has $15.30 worth of copies on the file so an additional $10.30 would “need to be added to the Standard Fee of $25”. So $35.30 it will cost. Hello Canada ! Can we come and live with you ?

We live app 1000 kilometres from said office and operate on PhD income which could lead to our own intestate condition developing.


Thank You Canada. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

As for you Sydney. Think Again.



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