Continuing with the sorting through of the HISTORIC NEWSPAPERS research, here is a police incident in Leeds 1848.

In 1848, Melinda’s husband Basil Kendall had been arrested and convicted of a crime which at this time I read to be – forging and uttering but which details  I shall reclaim shortly from the bowels of my computer files. He was sentenced to two years hard labour. Whether that was served in Parramatta Gaol as oral history has it or whether he were assigned to Dr Dobie on Gordonbrook Station on the Clarence River – we do not yet know.

Be that as it it may – in England, Sarah Rich was endeavouring to do away with herself. Drugs appeared to be a problem then as they appear to be in the 21st Century.

Melinda,according to legend, hearsay and Mr Ackland and Mrs Hamilton-Grey, had taken to the bottle. Certainly it was in this period of the late 1840s to 1852 that she lived on the Clarence with Basil dying there in 1852. We have TW Bawden’s series of lectures on the formative Clarence years and there some wild doings.

Meanwhile in England –
norther star and national trades journal  leeds england saturday 21 october 1848 iss 574 police report2



northern star and national trades journal  leeds england saturday 21 october 1848 iss 574 police report2


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