The Maitland Mercury… Thursday 12 May 1881, page 5

INSPECTOR OF STATE FORESTS.-The Herald says:-Mr. Henry Kendall, the well-known Australian poet, has been appointed by the Government Inspector of State forests. The appointment is a new one, and the duties appertaining to the position will be those of a head forest ranger, or of an officer who is required to examine the condition of the natural forests of the colony, and to report upon their present state and the facilities at hand for their preservation, land for planting out forest trees in suitable places. For some five or six years past Mr. Kendall has been residing at Camden Haven, and during that time he has devoted himself in a singular manner the study of this question, forming the acquaintance of timber-getters, and acquiring a thorough knowledge of forestry.


( Interesting way to describe Henry’s life. Knew quite a few hard drinking men did the Henry . Very noble of him. )


The Maitland Mercury… Saturday 5 August 1882, page 4

Henry Kendall the poet, was buried yesterday at Waverley Cemetery, in the presence of a large
number of friends



The Maitland Mercury… Saturday 9 September 1882 Supplement

Extraordinary meeting was held at the School of Arts yesterday, for the purpose of assisting to supplement the Kendall fund. Subscriptions were received, and arrangements made for a public meeting next Saturday. Among others present were Dr. J. G. Smith, Mr. T. Bawden, and Mr. J. Hewitt, old friends of the deceased poet. Dr. Smith suggested that Henry Kendall having identified himself with the Clarence for so many years, and where, together with the late James Lionel Michael, also a poet, Kendall is said to have first courted the muses, that steps be taken, with the aid of the central committee, to found a scholarship in the Grafton public school, to be called the Kendall prize. No doubt a considerable amount of money will be raised in Grafton and the surrounding district.



The Maitland Mercury… Tuesday

30 January 1883, page 5

Mr John Duffy, overseer of the Botanic Gardens, has been appointed Inspector of Forests, in the room of the late Henry Kendall


The Maitland Mercury… Saturday 10 February 1883, page 4.

The subscription lists for the Kendall fund were called in yesterday, forty of them contained the gross amount of £4 15s. More than half this sum was collected by Chinese. The majority of the lists were blank.


(What are the implications of this one ?)






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