(Kiama Independent, Oct 16, 1883)


(By his mother)


1. He was born at the foot of the mountain,

WHAT MOUNTAIN ? The South Coast NSW is a dim memory to me. My apologies to Milton people and YatteYatta people. Lets see what mountain Henry and Basil were born under.  Peter has visited Kendall Dale and has the block of land on which Melinda and Basil lived pointed out to him. He did not at that time notice the Mountains, so he says. What mountain says he ?  He does tell me that the twin’s birthplace is the property Kirmington next door to what is now KENDALL DALLE at Yatteyatta .

Following the death of THOMAS KENDALL in 1832 and the newly found ( new to me ) criminality of Basil O ( Henry’s father as opposed to Basil E his twin brother) Melinda and Basil ( apparently) retreated with the eldest brother THOMAS SURFLEET, the matriarch JANE QUICKFALL KENDALL and families to live in the County of St Vincent at Nolla Dolla.

from Marjorie Kendall’s KISSIN’ COUSINS – Basil and Melinda settled on part of the land granted originally to THOMAS KENDALL. Their settler’s hut was built on YAKUNGARRAH CREEK ( marked as CEDAR CREEK on Rev Kendall’s map)  

Their twin sons THOMAS HENRY KENDALL ( HENRY) AND BASIL EDWARD KENDALL were born April 18 1849 at MANDNAL .

There were 8 children in the then un-named Parish. The Rev McFie paid an 1840 visit to the District and baptised and took the details of the 8 children including the twins. Melinda is listed in the Rev McFie’s baptismal records as MILLINDA MCALLAN.  Christina Jane was born in 1842 and baptised by the minister for Camden and Wollongong and the other children were born in Sydney.  

Methinks she means the Pigeon House Mountain.

ALSO known by its original name of Didhol or Woman’s Breast from it shape.

pigeon house

IMAGE FROM  The original world nomad  on  http://www.worldnomads.com/

Probably not mine to use but I am desperate and acknowledge this fine blog. This is PIGEON HOUSE MOUNTAIN across JERVIS BAY. Follow the links below to sites on Pigeon Mountain and the Buddawang Mountains. 

  • Didhol (Pigeon House Mountain)






2. He was taught his first letters in sand
In which sand and where. It is presumed  that the KENDALLS remained in Kirmington and Milton.
http://www.southcoast.com.au/mimosa/ MIMOSA HILL COTTAGES


  1. As a decendent of Thomas Henry Kendall, the presumption that they remained down the south coast is sketchy,ill have to ask my grandma, but i know that she was born in Dubbo, and there was a cousin “Kendall” (girl) named after Henry Kendall… Family history never fails to amaze me since i was only bored and decided to google peoples name hahaha

  2. Good to hear from you Jacinta. Anything you can tell me I would truly appreciate as we keep hitting dead ends trying to put together the story of Melinda. We would like to be accurate and also to bring her back to life so to speak. Yrs Lynne.

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