At this stage, it appears that the McNallys, specfically Mary( MARTIN) and William received grants of land at Fairy Meadow near Wollongong in 1830. One source suggests that James Martin then sold off Mary’s 50 acres in  app 1840 and vanished. Be that as it may, one of the very few mentions I have so far found of Fairy Meadow in Newspaper sources is from the above edition.

The AUSTRALIAN AUCTION COMPANY put a valuable estate up for auction on 16 September 1840.The estate was FAIRY MEADOW. I,myself, think Melinda refers to the period of !830 when she writes in BELLAMBI’S LAKE.

I thought of my loved ones that were, and are not,

When we stood all together on this very same spot.

It was well we knew nothing of what was in store,

‘Twould have marred all the joys in those gone days of yore.



The property, FAIRY MEADOW, consisted of 100 acres with house. Immediately in the suburbs of Wollongong. To be divided into Villa or Bathing Allotments of from 8 -10 acres each. It was a half mile from Wollongong ” in the most aristocratic and delightful’ part of the suburbs and was bounded by the new line of road from Wollongong to Sydney. Within a half mile was a STEAM FLOUR MILL in full operation. Fairy Meadow was well watered and only a few hundred yards from the sea beach.

The Gazette tells us that that made it very suitable for the erection of BATHING VILLAS. There was very good land commonly known to produce 12-14 tons of potatoes to the acre. There were also THREE COAL MINES as well as the ONLY FREE-STONE in the district. Fairy Meadow had timber well suited to building and was near to town which suited the builders.

As for the residence it was a 2 storey Gothic construction with a very TASTY verandah on the 2nd floor which looked out to sea. TRULY BEAUTIFUL says the Gazette. Here is a description of parts of the view ;

The residence stands upon the corner of a gentle elevation, exactly in the centre of the Estate, and having been built after the Gothic style, has a very pretty and imposing appearance from the Road. The windows are all French, and on the second story, open upon a very tasty balcony. The view from the house is truly beautiful, the valley of (the appropriately named) Fairy Meadow, falls off in a gradual descent till it reaches the sea beach, throwing open to the view one of the grandest and most sublime sights imaginable, the great South Pacific in boundless extent ; the steamer to and from Wollongong, together with every vessel bound for Port Phillip, South Australia, Europe, and the Southern ports, can be distinctly seen from the verandah of the dwelling.



The fairies and elves from the meadow have gone

To some sylvan spot, where no railroads are known,

Where no miners will dig through the bowels of earth

To disturb them, and drive them away from their hearth.




SATURDAY 28 OCTOBER 1837 http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article2213667

PUNCH the Bull had either been stolen or had strayed from HART’S Paddock and a reward was offered. The details of his brandings and markings were listed clearly in the Gazette.





David William Gregory (April 15, 1845 in Fairy Meadow, New South WalesAugust 4, 1919 inTurramurra, New South Wales) was an Australian cricketer of the 19th century.Motto: Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites (Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine) Nickname: Premier State Other Australian states and territories Capital Sydney Government Governor Premier Const. …


Quote of the Day:
It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
–Herman Melville


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