As we know, BASIL KENDALL, husband of MELINDA, was brought before the courts over a series of forgeries and other activities of that nature. First records we have found are 1837 and the last was 1847. To date, we haven’t identified the consequences of his trials. In 1848, he was sentenced to 2 years in Parramatta Gaol but as to whether that was served, we haven’t found the records. He was however on the Clarence River very shortly after his trial, dying there in 1852.

In the Gazettes of1837 ( a full decade earlier) Basil is mentioned a number of times in connection with crimes in collaboration with a young Mr Berry against BARKER’s Mill. Following this period, Basil is relocated in ULLADULLLA with his Melinda and the twins, Basil E and Henry, are born at Kirmington in 1839.

I mention this in connection with Albert Whitehouse – musings (as Louise calls them) entirely. Said Albert is accused of forgery in Pitt-street in 1833. In 1835, Basil and Melinda marry in Sydney so they are contemporaneous. If this ALBERT is indeed the partner of ELIZA ( Melinda’s older sister),there could well be a connection between Basil and Albert. I am suggesting that due to the common nature of the crimes, places of residence and McNally relationships.

Albert and one other of the accused in his case managed to evade conviction due to lack of evidence but the Judge recommended that they be sent away – ‘ removed to a distant part of the colony where they could not exercise that ingenuity for which it appears they had been transported to this colony and beyond the reach of temptation.’ 

In the unlikely event that this Albert is not the one connected to Eliza McNally,nevertheless the recommendation of the Judge reinforces the idea that Basil might well have escaped prison but been sent to a place where he might escape temptation.

  • in the 1830s south to the remote ULLADULLA with his older brother and family.
  • in the 1840s to the Land beyond the Boundaries of the CLARENCE RIVER. n.b. Hindmarshes were also on Clarence at that time.


The accused in 1833 are ALBERT WHITEHOUSE,THOMAS BUCKLER and ROBERT LORMER.  They were concerned in FABRICATING and UTTERING forgeries on the BANK OF NSW. The notes had been made on a lithographic press.


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