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OCTOBER 16th 1815

Patrick Leslie (1815-1881), pastoralist, pioneer and parliamentarian, was born at Warthill, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, second son of William and Jane Leslie. He was educated in Scotland and arrived at Sydney in 1835. After learning about flock management and colonial agriculture from the Macarthurs at Camden he managed ‘Collaroi’, a property near Cassilis NSW, owned by his uncle W.S. Davidson. When his brothers Walter and George arrived at Sydney he decided to look for land at the limits of settlement to the north. In 1840 he travelled north toward the Clarence River, and along with one convict, he explored the Darling Downs region, previously discovered by Allan Cunningham. Leslie settled on a property, ‘Canning Downs’, and his brothers followed with the flocks, making the Leslies the first European settlers on the Darling Downs.

  • 1815

Pacification and punishment: January 1815

Bathurst founded: May 1815

A steam engine in Sydney: May 1815

Bushrangers in Van Diemen’s Land: June 1815

‘Illicit commerce’ at Parramatta: July 1815

A Methodist circuit established: August 1815

Education and morality in New South Wales: October 1815